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Amey and Lalita are expecting their first child, with Lalita being in her second month of pregnancy with no known complications. Amey's family has a history of cystic fibrosis while Lalita's family has a history of Down's syndrome, leading to a concern that the baby may have one of these conditions.

(a) Suggest and explain a way of testing if their baby is at risk for any genetic disorders.

(b) In case of the presence of one or both of the abnormalities and posing a risk to the mother's health, mention one possible option for them to consider.

(c) Is the process mentioned in (b) safe for Lalita at the current gestational age? Justify.

(d) Under what conditions is the process mentioned in (b) illegal?

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(a) Amniocentesis - It involves taking a sample of the amniotic fluid and testing it for genetic abnormalities.

(b) Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)

(c) Yes, it is currently safe. This option should be considered before the completion of the first trimester, as it might be riskier after this period.

(d) MTP is illegal in cases involving determining the gender of the unborn child and female foeticide.